Skin Deep Wichita21st Century Beauty Aesthetics in Wichita KS

Welcome to Wichita’s SKIN DEEP: for beautiful healthy skin.

We are proud to bring you the finest in cutting-edge non-invasive cosmetic recovery. SKIN DEEP specializes in micro-current and topical enhancements that rejuvenate the face and body. Be the person you remember!

Come see us at our brand new location in the Chiro+Plus Complex at 5205 East Kellogg Dr in Wichita, or call us at (316) 558-3337!

Another great way to restore the beauty to any face or body by removing Spider Veins,  Cherry Angiomas, Skin Tags, and other Vascular Blemishes.


The V-TOUCH provides an inexpensive means to quickly and easily remove superficial skin lesions found on the face and body. The results are superior to other devices that commonly cause scarring and distracting pigmentation.

With results similar to laser treatments, blemishes are removed in seconds with minimal pain or discomfort. Most conditions can be successfully and permanently corrected in two or three sessions using low levels of  RF electronics to desiccate the lesion with no damage to surrounding tissue.


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