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Welcome to Wichita’s SKIN DEEP: for beautiful healthy skin.

We are proud to bring you the finest in cutting-edge non-invasive cosmetic recovery. SKIN DEEP specializes in micro-current and topical enhancements that rejuvenate the face and body. Be the person you remember!

Come see us at our brand new location in the Chiro+Plus Complex at 5205 East Kellogg Dr in Wichita, or call us at (316) 558-3337!

A non-surgical Fountain of Youth?  Watch your skin regain its bounce! HUMAN PROTEIN FOR SCARLESS HEALING BECOMES ANTI AGING MIRACLE 


Bring back the look of firm youthful skin with revitalized elastin infusion. The protein ELASTIN is a critical element in the anti-aging health. Medical science has determined that ELASTIN production in the human body ceases after the age of 12 and the elastic properties of the skin begin to diminish with age. The results is the loose skin, jowls and wrinkles we associate with aging. A genetically engineered human protein, TROPOELASTIN, a precursor to ELASTIN production, can interact with the regeneration process to replace the lost elastin and become part of the skin. The SKIN DEEP training center, Texas Beauty Institute, developed a protocol known as Iontophoresis Elastin Infusion Therapy using Microcurrent to infuse the TROPOELASTIN into the skin to restore the elastic properties of the skin. The skin will now “bounce back” more to fit the contour of the muscle structure as in the days of your youth.

The following is a before and after comparison of real patients having the Elastin Infusion Treatments from our friends at Texas Beauty Institute.

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